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Multimedia ART Business Cards

21st century technologies

Your prospective customers can see and hear your audio and watch your video samples and be affected by it.

The Multimedia ART Business Card is a working CD-ROM the size of a business card! It has become very popular recently as people have discovered its power as a artistic and marketing tool. The unique shape of the CD offers a real 'wow' factor, and differentiates your materials from traditional brochures, handouts, standard CD-ROMs etc. Everyone that uses your Multimedia ART Business Card is right where you want them - viewing your presentation and linking to your Web site.

Multimedia ART Business Cards are the ultimate platform for delivering dynamic digital media content, a serious business tool, used widely to achieve diverse business objectives across a whole range of applications from corporate communications to entertainment.

Applications are really only limited by imagination and the opportunities for increased sales to cost control are limitless. Interactive CD-ROM cards can contain whatever information you like from full product catalogues and art presentations to complete web sites in HTML or Flash.

Possible applications include

1. Advertising
2. Reports

3. Catalogues
4. Virtual Galleries
5. Printable picture for leaflets or other advertising materials.
6. Actual Repertoire
7. Testimonials
8. Video sample
9. Audio sample

Play audio in CD players without PC.

All cards can contain direct hyper links to your web site or on-line shopping facility.

This new innovative marketing tool will give you or your company the edge over the competition. These unique, interactive CD-ROM Multimedia ART Business Card can contain all of the information contained in a printed brochure AND MORE!

Imagine handing out your Multimedia ART Business Card that contains printed materials, pictures, animated 3D graphics, interactive forms and will actually link your clients directly to your website all from a small yet versatile CD-ROM.

Multimedia ART Business Card offer a fully customized, interactive, high-tech presentation that fits in your wallet. Multimedia ART Business Card can contain multimedia elements such as digital audio, video, text, repertoire, printable picture for leaflets, cv, computer and animation. - your customer just puts the card in their computer's CD drive, and the Multimedia ART Business Card starts your personal or company's dynamic presentation automatically, with tremendous visual impact and high-tech appeal. Links to your Website and e-mail included on the Multimedia ART Business Card will drive more traffic to your site and increase customer interaction. You can establish your creative business as an industry leader, all for a price that's less than what you might expect to pay for a standard print brochure.

We provide a customized solution to your presentation needs. All projects are designed to fit your art performances or company's marketing strategy. We ensure that your Multimedia Presentation will integrate well with your website and current marketing materials.


For more info send your requests to: Studio design "Laz ART"